Teter Warm 2021 New Collection Launching Show is coming this June!

On June 13, 2020 at Beach United Church (140 Wineva Ave, Toronto, ON M4E 2T4) Teter Warm will be presenting their 2021 Collection. With never before seen pieces, the designs will surely turn heads. The design team has been working vigorously to perfect each and every piece. Featuring timeless designs that still hold an essence of uniqueness. Held insidebeautifully lit church and with the staging of nature decorations, the venue will fit the theme of this collection perfectly.

The inspiration behind the 2021 collection comes from the embodiment of pearls and water flows. This year, the design team wanted to incorporate elements that contain a sense of gracefulness and calmness. Beautiful pearls are used to accent the dresses allowing every child to stand out in a way that is not too over the top, but is still unique in a subtle way.

Another source of inspiration was taken from the electronic of water flow and its smooth and constant. Similarly, silk holds a lot of elements true in water, as the smoothness of Silk unifies different material pieces together, creating one solid image that is pleasing to the eye.

This collection will follow the basic traits that Teter Warm has come to be known for. The 2021 collection features only the most high quality materials. The design team has worked hard to ensure the comfort of the child is at the forefront. Along with the use of pearls and the elements of waterflow, this collection also features Teter Warm’s unique colouring methods. Each dress is simplistic, but is crafted behind a unique process that allows them to stand out. The 2021 collection shimmers beautifully among light creating an effect that is hard to be forgotten. While the design team cares much about the look of the dress, comfort is not forgotten. The designers wanted to ensure that the dresses are comfortable, yet fit and look beautiful on your child. Dress cutting is done to provide a look that is unique only to your child. 

Sticking with the theme of pearls and water flows, standout items will be used in the fashion show to enhance the effect and bring forth the inspiration behind the designs. Natural scenery, along with light blue bow ties/belts will be incorporated to accent the dresses. Remaining true to its roots, the 2021 collection will stay very light, but elegant. Using high quality kid friendly materials, the dresses are designed to withstand long durations without feelings of discomfort for your child.

Inside Teter Warm’s core is a passion for providing the most excellent formal wear for your child as it reinvents the children’s formal wear industry by setting the bar high in terms of quality, fit and comfort. The design team consistently works to achieve those three elements and is constantly trying to improve on themselves through trial and failure and in turn, each and every dress holds an image of nonchalant elegance without coming off as over the top.

You do not want to miss the chance to witness the 2020 Teter Warm Fashion Show. It’s the perfect opportunity to get inspired behind your child’s formal wear. You love your child and we love providing the best for them. That’s why we don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to designs. The design team has worked very hard on perfecting this collection. Come out on June 13, relax, meet some friendly people and get inspired for your child’s next formal occasion. 

We are in the process of calling new face models to showcase our designs in the show, register online today to be 1 out of 30 models in the fashion show.

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