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Teter Warm is an exclusive luxury brand created by designer Yan in 2007 that focuses on producing formal wear for children. The designs combine both classic and modern styles that appeal to clients who appreciate exceptional quality craftsmanship. Each design is created using high quality material and sewn with high expertise. Yan is dedicated to bringing the best quality designs to each individual piece, and is always closely monitoring the creation of each piece. Yan’s always seeks perfection and details by providing our customers only the finest creations and quality garments. She believes that good quality clothing will bring forth good luck to the person who will be wearing her clothes, therefore always pays extra attention to detail.

Each dress is simplistic, but is crafted behind a unique process that allows them to stand out. Embrace the refined, comfortable lines emphasizing the pure spirit of TETER WARM.

Unique Colouring

While keeping the traditional look of a finely cut communion or baptism dress, Teter Warm’s designs combine elegance with a unique and modern approach that creatively expresses fun, yet still holds a respectable look. Unique colouring technology allows the dresses to shimmer beautifully among light, leading to the change of colour in one’s eyes. A classic rose pink dress while hung up will look a smooth pure white under the light. With over a decade of design experience in children’s dresses, Yan approaches her craft with a modern touch, while retaining the same traditions and passion that fuelled her from the start.

Incomparable Dress Cutting

Generic off the rack dresses are mass produced for an average body shape which eliminates individuality. The single most important factor of a quality dress is fit. A well fitting dress does not mean it’s tight, but is relaxed and comfortable without being unflattering. A dress that is specifically measured for an individual will always stand out and portray a certain level of elegance and style. Yan is always striving for perfection and ensures that each and every dress is sewn precisely to the shape of your lovely child. With a heavy attention to detail, you can be certain that the dress will look beautiful on your child.

Quality Materials

Yan believes that every dress sewn must be paid the same attention to as the dress before and after it. Each piece is carefully monitored, ensuring excellence in quality. With only the finest materials, the dresses are constructed not only with elegance in mind, but the comfortability of the child. Nature and child friendly materials are combined into each dress making it enjoyable to wear for longer periods of time without any issues.

Delicate Design

Yan believes that the life of an elegant lady begins as a child. Often being the first formal dress a child will wear, their communion dress must be designed perfectly with the highest quality of materials. The designs will always remain graceful, exquisite, and most importantly, simple. Yan is a strong believer of the traditions of a fine communion/baptism dress. That is why Teter Warm will never offer anything over the top, but instead focuses on delivering simple, high quality dresses that leave an unforgettable impression.

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